The Loft Tenant movement needs you
Get on the BUS to ALBANY this
Tuesday, June 20th

Nothing speaks truth to power like a bus load of tenant activists protesting in the Capital while legislators are in session. This week is the final week of the legislative session. If our lawmakers go home on Friday without passing the Loft Law Clean-Up bill (A8409) evictions of loft tenants will begin this summer. Help save our DIY neighborhoods. Protest at the Capital!

PROTEST in ALBANY on Tuesday
We need as many bodies as we can muster. RSVP HERE.

If you can’t come to Albany on Tuesday please donate to help cover the costs of this trip and all our lobbying efforts. NYCLT has been sending a group of volunteers to lobby our legislators every week.

Support Bill 8409 – Call your Assembly Member today! Find your Assembly member and get the calling script. Tenants need to make sure their voices are heard and encourage everyone you know across the state to do the same. We’re aiming to • Strike Window & Basement Coverage Exclusion • Strike Use Group Exclusions • Strike the June 15 Application Deadline • Make the 2015 Rent Milestones & Unit Size permanent • Update the Coverage eligibility period to 2015-2017 You can see the status of the bill in the Albany here
Countdown to Save the Loft Law – the fight ends June 21.  Take Action Today to support NYCLT’s efforts in Albany! • JOIN THE GROUP and request an invitation to join NYCLT on Slack to participate in planning actions. • DONATE and support NYCLT’s efforts.  •  Subscribe to the newsletter for updates about how you can volunteer and be supportive.  •  Sign Up to volunteer.RALLY-for-a-BETTER-Loft-LAW_150517 STRIKE EXCLUSIONS FROM THE LAW • KEEP LIVE-WORK HOUSING AFFORDABLE #EXPANDtheLoftLaw #ImproveDontVacate.

The Loft Law new application deadline was June 15, 2017!
Tenants and landlords must should contact the Loft Board about late applications.

New York City Loft Tenants is a volunteer organization of loft tenants who provide advocacy, education and outreach services regarding the Loft Law for loft tenants throughout NYC.

What is the Loft Law?

Turn Up the Volume!

The battle is real. We’re not just trying to convince Albany, we’re also up against landlords, lawyers and professional lobbyists!

This email was sent yesterday from a pro-landlord lawyer (a lawyer who has taken many loft tenants to court for relentless, frivolous, lawsuits), encouraging landlords to call to stop our bill.  

We can fight this but we need you and everyone you know ACROSS NY STATE to call, write, and fax your local Assembly Member every day and tell them to support Assembly bill A8409. Especially friends and family living in Republican held districts.

The good news: Our numbers are much bigger than theirs!  But we must prove that by picking up the phone, writing, and faxing in large numbers. Get your friends and family living in the other districts to call, write, and/or fax every single day until June 21!

1. Download the call script with a priority list of Assembly members and their contact info.

2. Donate $20 to Support Volunteers in Albany!

Another trip to Albany is planned for Tuesday, June 20, RSVP HERE to get on the bus! Nothing speaks truth to power like a bus load of tenant activists protesting in the Capital while legislators are in session.

Support Bill 8409 – Take Action Today!

This is the time for you to act! NYCLT has been in Albany for weeks and we finally have a bill number (8409) in the Assembly. Now it’s vital that we put pressure on the Assembly to pass the bill. We still have an uphill battle in the Senate, so it’s important right now that we hold our Assembly members accountable. Simultaneously, there are several critical cases coming before the Loft Board Thursday, June 15, and we need bodies in the room to show the Board that loft tenants won’t let our members be pushed out of their homes. These are the two actions:

1. Call your Assembly members!

Please get on the phone with your Assembly members today and encourage everyone you know across the state to do the same. Look up your Assembly member here.

Here’s the calling script:

Hello, my name is ________. I’m a constituent from _________, zip code ______. I don’t need a response. I am calling to express my support for Assembly bill 8409, the Loft Law Clean-Up Bill. I strongly encourage the Assembly member to vote for 8409 and to please urge Speaker Heastie to support the bill in end of session negotiations with the Senate and the Governor. If this bill doesn’t pass this session, many people will lose their homes!

Thank you for your hard work!”

2. Attend the Loft Board meeting!

Thursday, June 15th – 2:15pm

280 Broadway, New York, NY
3rd Floor

Skip work, skip school, just do it! We need to fill the room with loft tenants – several people are faced with losing their homes and we need to put a lot of pressure on the board to table their cases until we can get changes to the law in Albany.

Together we can win this!