Loft Board Oversight Hearing

Remember last winter when streets weren’t getting plowed, and City Council called an oversight hearing to find out why the city wasn’t doing its job? The Department of Sanitation, Deputy Mayor Goldsmith, and even the Mayor himself were called to the principal’s office to explain themselves.

Well, that moment has come for the Loft Board.

This Wednesday, the Housing and Building Committee of City Council is holding an oversight hearing on the Loft Board.  This committee controls the ground rules and funding of the Loft Board, and the hearing is a terrific opportunity for loft tenants and our allies to tell the committee how inadequate the Loft Board has been in meeting its responsibilities.

We created this website because we didn’t find the Loft Board’s official site very helpful, and we will tell that to the City Council.  They want to hear from you too: if you have ever called the Loft Board for information or help and you didn’t get either, this is a chance to speak up. We will post some tips for testifying in the next few days.

Filling the seats at this hearing is just as important as the testimony. City Council should know that there are people out there who care about this. This is also a great opportunity to find out how city government works, and to watch your elected representatives in action.

The hearing is Wednesday November 2 at 10am, in the 16th floor committee room at 250 Broadway (across the street from city hall). Please join us!

This meeting is an “Oversight Hearing” to discuss issues that have been arising concerning some the important shortcomings of Loft Boards abilities regarding the principals outlined by the new Loft Law legislation.

If you wish to speak at this hearing you must first sign up to do so before the beginning of the hearing.

You only have 3 minutes to voice your objections / make comments regarding issues that you may have with the functionality of the Loft Boards practices in carrying out the demands of the current legislation.

The following are some of the key points, which will be brought up at this hearing.

Key Points:

  • Not doing outreach (nobody would have heard of Loft Law but for EWBLTA)
  • Not providing up-to-date information
  • Refusing to answer questions on code compliance
  • Not answering any questions
  • Not calling back tenants who leave messages with concerns regarding issues with their landlords or buildings.
  • Not providing help to tenants
  • Not seeking feedback on issues e.g. Rent Increases

Please keep in mind to stick to how you have been personally affected by these inadequacies. Please try to stay on topic and remember that this is an “Oversight Hearing”, what we are here to do is to clarify how the practices of the Loft Board are not adequately serving you as a tenant who is trying to proceed with the process of filing for compliance under the Loft Law.

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