Cancelled! Rent part 2: Loft Board meeting this Thursday

UPDATE: due to pressure on the rent issue from tenants and Vito’s office, the Loft Board actually cancelled this weeks meeting! While we’d rather be heard than avoided, this shows how strongly our presence was felt.

Good work everyone – let’s keep the pressure on at the next Loft Board meeting, Nov. 17.

We had a great showing from loft tenants at the last Loft Board meeting two weeks ago, and it was clear our presence enlivened the debate between Board members, who eventually tabled the “interim rent guidelines”.

Well, they’re back: once again the big item on the agenda for this week is “Discussion of Amendment 29 RCNY § 2-06.2 Interim Rent Guidelines.”

We still will not have a chance to speak at this meeting, but by filling the room like we did last time, we can show them we are watching what they’re doing, and won’t let them slip these increases past us.

This Thursday, October 20 at 2pm, please bring your neighbors to 22 Reade St in Manhattan, and keep the spotlight on the Board.

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