Loft Board Meeting Thursday Feb 16th

So we defeated Interim Rent Guidelines. What’s next?

Well, it looks like this Thursday, the Loft Board will return to a few very contentious issues. They will be discussing:

  • Rule 2-02, which covers harassment of tenants by landlords: what is harassment and how much should landlords be penalized for it?
  • Rule 2-09, which covers the über-contentious prime/sub-tenant rules: who gets to stay, how much do they pay, and who is responsible for bringing a space up to code?

Both of these rules were discussed and passed over the summer; they will be discussing the changes made by the Mayor’s Office of Operations (see here for a little background on how this process works).

They will also be discussing 2-11 Fine Schedules.

If you are affected by any of these issues, please write the Loft Board; see our Contact page to find out how.

Come to the Loft Board meeting and let them know we’re watching how they write these sensitive rules.  As usual, we will not be able to speak, but our presence has a huge effect.

Thursday Feb 16, 2pm, 22 Reade St. in Manhattan

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