Letter to Loft Board Members on the hearing process

Dear Loft Board Members:

NYCLT is pleased to hear that the hearings on the new rules will cover a reasonable number of well-weighted rules per hearing, with an adequate three minutes for each speaker to testify on each rule.

We understand that Mr. LiMandri did not promise but assured that time would be allowed between hearings for your discussion of testimony and possible resulting changes to rules. We hope that you will ask that this discussion is added to the agenda for a meeting following each hearing.

We also understand that not too far in the past, the Board Members were allowed to ask questions of speakers giving testimony. We think that this would improve your understanding of our concerns and help you make well-considered decisions.

Thank you,

cc: Council Member Erik Dilan, Council Member Stephen Levin,
Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz,
State Assemblyman Vito Lopez, State Assemblyman Joseph Lentol,
State Senator Daniel Squadron

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