Success (and Failure)

Last night’s State of the Loft Law Panel was a big success – there at least 250 Loft Tenants in attendance (289 people signed in). It was exciting to see so many new faces and new buildings represented. Of course many of us had difficult questions for the Panel – it’s a complicated law and not every bit of it is fair to tenants.

At the same time we are also mourning the loss of 338 Berry, which should have been protected by the Loft Law but wasn’t, due to a lack of clarity over whether the Law supersedes stipulated agreements. Now our own founding member David Opdyke and his family are going to have to look for a new home, along with 9 other families. We sure will miss him, Andrea, Cathy, and the rest, at NYCLT.

This only shows why we need the Loft Law more than ever: without it, we’d all be in the same situation, sooner or later. The Law has its flaws, but it’s our best hope for staying in the communities we have built.

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