Learn & Testify!

Hearings are coming up in the next few weeks.  The NYC Loft Board is giving us the chance to tell them what we think about the FINAL RULES of the Loft Law. We need you to tell your TRUE STORIES about your loft experience to help the Loft Board decide:

  • Which of your roommates, subtenants, prime tenants, and neighbors gets loft law protection and what rent they pay
  • How and when your landlord can ask for a rent increase
  • Whether your landlord should get an increase if you haven’t had one in a couple years
  • What to do when your landlord stuck a band or a noisy business in the unit next door to make you move out.
  • Whether your landlord can to take you to court (or collections) over illegal increases and illegitimate leases

Learn how to testify to make the Loft Law protect you like it’s supposed to.  Come to the

New Rules Teach-In
7pm Monday July 9
Crown Vic (in the garden)
60 S. 2nd St. Williamsburg

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