We were heard.. now what?

Thanks to everyone who showed up to the Loft Board meeting today.  Our strong presence encouraged the Board to think more carefully about the issues we raised in our testimony over the last few weeks.

The discussion was fairly thorough, and almost every one of our comments became an item for the Staff to investigate further.  We will see on September 6 which items they actually develop improvements for, and they invited us to write letters on everything which they didn’t address or didn’t understand.

We definitely need to keep the pressure on to make sure they follow through!

Here is an audio recording of the meeting: LB 8.2.12

And here is a very terse outline of what was discussed:

  • When should sublet restrictions take effect – with the rule or after building registration?
  • The difference between roommates and subletters.
  • Should the sub/prime rule be updated for a new decade?
  • Should fines be increased, or is there enough latitude already to impose multiple fines?
  • Can there be a deadline for sale of rights? Or just a stronger fine?
  • Foreclosure mentioned (but they don’t know how to address this).
  • The new harassment rule forbids any sale of rights for other tenants in the building – fair?
  • Frivolous lawsuits – there’s no reason these are not already evidence of harassment.
  • No reason to add instances of harassment to Rule 2-02 because that would be limiting.
  • Rent Adjustment Notification – they seem to be considering this very seriously because it’s a lot of work for them to answer inquiries.
  • Defining use-based escalators better.
  • Rule 2-06.2 seems to make tenants liable for illegal increases until they win an overcharge claim – is this so?

They will return with proposals for changes to the rules, or reasons why they can’t change them, on September 6. We need to write letters to continue pushing them to make the changes.

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