Loft Tenant Hurricane Sandy Relief Aid

NYC Loft Tenants is organizing a Sandy Relief Aid aimed at utilizing Loft Tenants’ build out skills! We’re looking for people with tools who can help with drywall / spackling / painting or any able bodies who can assist with minor construction / demolition work. Relief work will start this week in the studios & galleries of Red Hook and continue out to the Rockaways.

Materials will be provided – bring tools (esp battery-operated drills) labeled with your name.

Contact Gordon Woodhull / 718-288-7258 or Rachel Fuentes / 203-918-9006

From Rachel (a Red Hook resident):

many of us red hook residents are ready for rebuild and we could definately use the helping hand of someone who knows sheetrock from plywood and a power drill from a circular saw.

So if you built out your loft or helped someone else…or if you are willing to bring your carefully labelled power tools (most of red hook lost theirs in the flood) and are willing to spend a few hours helping us rebuild please consider reaching out to gordon and/or me as we work to coordinate some rebuilding efforts down here.

Many of our residents are artists or artisans and they lost work tools and space…ouch! So again. Heeelllllpppp.

If you want to clean or cook or do distribution please consider volunteering with occupy sandy. The need is still very great whatever you read in the papers.

Update from Gordon: today we visited a few places that need our help, including a painting studio right on the water that flooded six feet, and a yoga studio. Beyond drywall there’s also a need for carpenters and welders.

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