Loft Law Reading Group

Want to understand the Loft Law but find reading legalese confusing? Bureaucratic process too tedious to comprehend? Be an educated tenant, be empowered!

Come to a Loft Law Reading Group!

NYCLT Volunteers and Loft Tenants will read a rule and discuss its meaning. No law school training required.

Check below for rule readings and locations:

  • *New Rule* 2-01 (Code Compliance) – Sunday, April 7th: 1pm – 3pm – location tbd

This Thursday, the Loft Board is releasing Rule 2-01, which covers the code compliance process and narrative statement process. If you’ve been wondering precisely:

  • how your landlord is supposed to serve you plans
  • what the narrative statement waiver really means
  • when the compliance deadlines fall
  • what your rights are in a vacate
  • which permits the landlord can extend from before the loft law and which ones need to go through the narrative statement process
  • and how a building finally leaves the Loft Board’s jurisdiction

… those are all in this rule, along with much more.

As we read the rule, we will also identify issues to testify on in the May hearing.

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