Loft Board releases last rules for comment

Last Monday, the Loft Board published six rules for public comment. The hearing will be 1pm May 16th at 22 Reade St. 

You can read the changes to the rules on the Loft Board site. (Scroll down to “Recent News”.)

Are you concerned about how you’ll know whether your building is in compliance, Incompatible Use, or how increases get applied?

Then testify! Come out to our teach-in next week to learn more and get involved. (Time and location TBA.)

One rule is being updated for the first time since the 2010 law:

  • Rule 2-01 describes the Code Compliance process: deadlines, narrative statement, landlord access, waivers, pass-along costs…

Two had to be modified for the 2013 law:

  • Rule 2-08 defines eligibility, including Incompatible Use, 400 s.f. minimum, etc.
  • Rule 2-03 defines the terms under which a landlord can claim a hardship and get out of the Loft Law.

Two we testified on last summer, but were held open because they are connected to 2-01:

  • Rule 2-12 implements the 3-3-4% compliance increases.
  • Rule 2-11.1 sets fines (many times larger than they were)

The final rule starts the deadline clock ticking:

  • Rule 1-06.1 starts the clock on June 30 September 11, setting the final deadline for applications for January 30, 2014 March 11, 2014.

Get informed! Speak up!

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