Loft Law Community / Deadline Survey

Every day since the March 11 application deadline NYCLT has been receiving emails from loft tenants asking about their rights. Can they apply for coverage? What happens if they missed the deadline? Some tenants only heard about the Loft Law after the deadline or just missed joining their neighbor’s application – what happens to these units now? 

The one thing non-applicant AND applicant (or IMD) loft tenants can do right now is support NYCLT’s efforts to fix the Loft Law. 

1. Take two minutes to answer this brief survey. If the survey below does not work please try this link 

2. Then ask everyone you know (who lives in a loft) to also answer our survey.

We know tenants want to hear what they can do for their lofts. This is real, this will help. We need more information about you and the community.

The NYC Loft Board is still trying to figure out what legal options are available. At this time they do not believe they can accept tenant or landlord-initiated coverage applications, even for units in buildings which may already have an application on file for some units.

3. Share your story

NYCLT has joined forced with LMLT to lobby the NY State Assembly and Senate to fix the Loft Law. We hope to announce a bill soon to remove the deadline. Then we will work to remove other exclusionary provisions (like windows, basements and IU) to make the Loft Law more inclusive. We need stories from the community to show politicians why these changes need to be made. If you live in a loft but did not apply OR are worried about your coverage application please contact us at

We will protect the privacy and identity of anyone who writes to us. These case studies will be used anonymously in private conversations with politicians (we will not post them online). Please contact us if you have questions.

As a tenant – the Loft Law is your only avenue for protecting your live/work loft. It grants you amazing residential rights and rent stabilization. Thousands of units throughout the city have already registered, we think you should be protected too.

Bringing more lofts into the Loft Board’s jurisdiction not only helps tenants and landlords but benefits the neighborhoods and city. The Loft Law is a remedial law – designed to bring illegally converted residential buildings into compliance with Fire and Safety codes. The more buildings brought into compliance and the more affordable live/work housing we create through the Loft Law, the better for everyone.

If you work for or are a local representative contact us at for more information.