Update to S7686

June 10 was a very exciting day. The NY State Assembly voted in favor of the loft tenant community’s request to remove the Loft Law application deadline by passing A9545 and delivering it to the Senate. 

We thank our bill sponsor Assembly member, Deborah Glick, co-sponsors: Wright, Clark, Millman, Cook, Rosenthal, Davila, O’Donnell, Ortiz and Gottfried, and multi-sponsors Camara, Farrell, Markey, Mosley and Rivera for standing up in support of creating more rent stabilized housing for live/work tenants in NYC!

You can watch a video of the proceeding here (at 7:36:00) to see Glick speak in support of the Loft Law. Of note: Tom McKevitt of Nassau County felt strongly that loft tenants should have know about this issue since the law was enacted in 2010 and that the community should not need more time to apply for coverage. NYCLT/LMLT and the loft tenant community feel strongly that this argument is short sighted: the city did little to promote the law – it was mostly a few tenants talking to neighbors which spread what word got out and that was clearly not enough since many buildings, some professionals and even politicians were not aware of the 2010 Loft Law or it’s deadline; the rules governing the Loft Law were only published 6 months prior – which gave tenants and landlords little time and few precedents to understand the legal landscape governing their applications; and, there was an administrative change during this period which distracted representatives from taking interest in the issue. But mostly there is simply no good reason why a state should create a law to correct a housing problem and then allow an arbitrary deadline to prevent that same remedial process. You can see a transcript of the votes (Yea/Nay) here.

In a few days the NY State Senate will adjourn for summer recess and we will know if our bill has passed the senate and will be brought before the Governor to be signed into law or not. We thank our bill sponsor, Senator Hoylman, and co-sponsors Senator Krueger and Senator Squadron for all their efforts to support S7686-2013, to re-open the Loft Law application process for tenants and landlords, to insure all eligible buildings will be brought into fire and safety standards and to create more rent stabilized housing in NYC.