The Fight Continues!


Fortunately, NYS legislators will be called back for a special session this summer. This gives tenants an additional window of opportunity to get our bill (S6826) through the Senate and onto the governor’s desk!

Latest Updates

As you may have heard A4809 – The Loft Law Clean Up Bill – passed the Assembly. Hooray!

Then things got rich: Literally at the 11th hour before the 2017 legislative session adjourned at 1:00am Thursday morning, we convinced Senators Squadron and Dilan to introduce a “same as” Bill in the Senate. This means we now have a Senate version of the bill called S6828 (it’s the “same as” Assembly Bill A8409).

Now we need some seriously fancy footwork to get The Loft Law Clean Up Bill passed. Rumor has it that there are two possibilities for our legislators to get called back to vote in Albany possibly next week (and possibly in August). That means there are cracks in the door which we might be able to kick open if we have the tenacity.

We need to put massive pressure on –

  • Assembly Speaker Heastie
  • IDC Leader Senator Klein
  • Senate Majority Leader Flanagan
  • Governor Cuomo

These are the infamous “4 men in a room” that make all the deals in state government. If enough of us reach out to them and make our voice heard, our issue will be on the table. We have specific scripts for reaching out to each of them.  Get family and friends around NY State to do the same thing.

If you know people who live in the districts represented by: Speaker Heastie, Senators: Klein, Flanagan, Golden, Savino, and Lanza please ask them to contact their Senators and Assembly members. Look up your representative here


We also need you to chip in some dough.  It has been expensive going back and forth to Albany, making photocopies, banners, and all the other minutiae and mundanity that goes into a real lobbying campaign. Please take a moment and give us a few sheckles. No donation is too small!