Turn Up the Volume!

The battle is real. We’re not just trying to convince Albany, we’re also up against landlords, lawyers and professional lobbyists!

This email was sent yesterday from a pro-landlord lawyer (a lawyer who has taken many loft tenants to court for relentless, frivolous, lawsuits), encouraging landlords to call to stop our bill.  

We can fight this but we need you and everyone you know ACROSS NY STATE to call, write, and fax your local Assembly Member every day and tell them to support Assembly bill A8409. Especially friends and family living in Republican held districts.

The good news: Our numbers are much bigger than theirs!  But we must prove that by picking up the phone, writing, and faxing in large numbers. Get your friends and family living in the other districts to call, write, and/or fax every single day until June 21!

1. Download the call script with a priority list of Assembly members and their contact info.

2. Donate $20 to Support Volunteers in Albany!

Another trip to Albany is planned for Tuesday, June 20, RSVP HERE to get on the bus! Nothing speaks truth to power like a bus load of tenant activists protesting in the Capital while legislators are in session.