June 2017 Loft Law Events

Upcoming events in June:

June 2 Session 3Final Session:
 + Advocacy

Friday, June 2
6:30 PM to 9:30 PM

334 S 5th St Brooklyn, NY 11211 (btwn Rodney St & Keap St) St Paul Church. Entrance on S. 5th St. Look for sign on the door. Just two blocks from Marcy Avenue JMZ lines. Sign up and Share the Event.

Get information from a Loft Law specialized architect and from experienced volunteers (tenants) on architectural issues involved for those who have applied or are covered by the Loft Law. There will also be a discussion about ongoing lobbying efforts this month, trips to Albany and how you can help improve the Loft Law.


loftlawrally-may2517-246_34147038243_oWednesday, June 7 • GET ON THE BUS
2 buses are going to Albany!

This is your chance to go speak truth to power and show the lawmakers that you are a real person that deserves to stay in your home! Read the Press Release • Share the event • SIGN UP to join up!


Thursday, June 15, 2:30pm NYC Loft Board monthly public meeting. Pack the house! 280 Broadway, NY, NY 10007, 3rd FL, Conference Room

Press: I’ve Been Locked Out of My New York Loft for Over Two Years


Thank you Arthur for a great article, summarizing the Loft Law in easy to digest chunks, explaining why this law is so necessary for residents and businesses and how average citizens can become activists influencing their legal environment. Read the article here.

Excerpted from VICE Thump: In 2015, Brooklyn-based musician and lo bit landscapes label owner Arthur Purvis, along with a number of other residents, was locked out of the Williamsburg live/work space where he’d resided for 13 years—with many of his possessions still inside. Following multiple visits to their home, the Department of Buildings had deemed that the spot, like many converted living spaces in New York, wasn’t up to code. Hoping to return home, he and his housemates leaned on the city’s Loft Law, which is meant to work with landlords to eliminate residential safety and fire hazards while protecting tenants from eviction. They are still locked out two and a half years later.

Now, Purvis is campaigning to reform the Loft Law, which was amended in 2010 by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg to require tenants to apply for legal loft status by June 15, 2017 or risk not being covered by the law—along with a number of other restrictions that make it harder to convert their spaces into legal residences. Alongside housing advocacy group NYC Loft Tenants, Purvis is helping to raise awareness about Loft Law issues. Here, Purvis tells THUMP what it was like to be locked out of his home, and how that’s driven him to become an activist for DIY spaces and their residents.