Albany Trip Update


We need your to help get the loft law fixed. If you’re reading this page chances are the loft law effects you.

30 NYCLT members are driving to Albany in two vans on February 29th to tell our elected officials why the Loft Law “clean up” bill must be passed. The 30 are doing this on everyone’s behalf, so everyone should chip in to support our first lobbying effort.

NYCLT needs to pay van rentals + gas.
Whether you are joining us in Albany or not, please donate $20! (or more if you can afford it)

Real people and their real stories really do matter. Those who show up get heard. The people voting on this law don’t know who we are and don’t have a clue about our situation. But they do, believe it or not, listen to grassroots organizations; this is our chance to inform them of why the loft law needs to be changed. Thirty people are going to be representing everyone in NYCLT + the thousands of people who have not even applied for loft law coverage yet.

HELP MAKE THE FIRST NYCLT LOBBYING TRIP A SUCCESS – click the DONATE button on your right + donate 20$ now!

There’s still some space on the vans – join the democratic process, go to:

NYCLT Trip to Advocate in Albany

——— Save the Date ———–
Wednesday, Feb 29
Skip Work – Skip School – Get on the Bus
Come make your voices heard in Albany!

This is our first trip to meet our NY State elected officials and members of the Housing Committee in Albany and explain why we need a Loft Law “Clean-Up” bill passed THIS YEAR. Come tell your personal stories face to face to the people who work for us in Albany. They passed the Loft Law – now they need to make it better.

Exact times TBA: We will probably leave Brooklyn around 8am, be back around 8pm.
NYCLT will rent a couple of vans or a bus. We will set up a PayPal account soon to accept donations to pay for this trip.

Sign Up + Get a friend to sign up too.

To Sign Up to go to Albany February 29: FOLLOW THIS LINK
– YES – I’m coming to Albany

If you’ve lobbied in Albany before we need your help.
If you’ve never taken part in the political process here’s your chance to get involved and effect change for your community.

See you on the bus.