0% Report

(This report from Eve)

For those of you who missed the excitement of the last Loft Board
meeting – we achieved our first tangible success!
Rule 2-06 on “Interim Rent Guidelines” was set at a 0% increase and
passed the Board with of vote of 6 – 3.

To quote Susan Pogoda (who was acting as Chairman Limandri’s proxy,
running the meeting in his absence) “the system worked, we heard your

Lanny did a good job summarizing the salient points of the 20+ letters
that the Board received. She said she stopped counting the number of
letters that came in after 20 – but clearly they were impressed by
the quantity and quality of the heartfelt responses. Lanny also made
it clear to everyone in the room that each letter was forwarded to
everyone on the Board. It seems they have also been moved by the
number of people who have turned out for meetings.

Of course this is only the beginning. 2-06 will still come back for
commentary and go through the public hearing process – where we will
have to testify as to why the rule should NOT be changed. And there are
rules still to be voted on that will require our action.

0% !

A big win for loft tenants yesterday. The Loft Board voted on the Interim Rent Guidelines that have been in contention for a few months (see posts below). The final number: 0%

So: no freebie rent increase for landlords just because their building gets IMD status. They have to start the legalization process before they get a penny.

Great job everyone. Thanks to all who showed up at the Loft Board meetings and sent letters to the Board. They saw us and they listened.