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New York City Loft Tenants needs your help! PLEASE FILL OUT OUR 2019 TENANT ROSTER TO GET INVOLVED:

March 2019: We have a bill in the NYS Assembly!! Bill A05841 Thank you Assembly Member Deborah Glick. Waiting on the Senate to introduce and pass a Same-As bill so we can get more tenants protected.

MARCH 2019: APPLICATION TO THE 2010 LOFT LAW ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. WE ARE WORKING HARD TO REOPEN THE APPLICATION DEADLINE TO NEW TENANTS. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH TO LEARN MORE AND HELP!                                                                                                                    Follow us on twitter:

New York City Loft Tenants is a volunteer organization of loft tenants who provide advocacy, education and outreach services regarding the Loft Law for loft tenants throughout NYC.

What is the Loft Law?

RALLY-for-a-BETTER-Loft-LAW_150517 We’re aiming to: Strike Window & Basement Coverage Exclusion • Strike Use Group Exclusions • Strike the June 15 Application Deadline • Make the 2015 Rent Milestones & Unit Size permanent • Update the Coverage eligibility period to 2015-2017

The Loft Law new application deadline was June 15, 2017!
Learn more about what you can do now that the deadline has passed.