The Loft Law new application deadline was June 15, 2017!       Learn more about what you can do now that the deadline has passed.

New York City Loft Tenants is a volunteer organization of loft tenants who provide advocacy, education and outreach services regarding the Loft Law for loft tenants throughout NYC.

What is the Loft Law?

IMG_5037Thank you so much for your numerous contributions throughout the hectic past two months. While the 2017 legislative session ended without our bill being signed into law, your actions made a huge impact and we continue to fight. There are actions you can take today support the bill next year and protect tenants now – read about next steps here.

RALLY-for-a-BETTER-Loft-LAW_150517 We’re aiming to: Strike Window & Basement Coverage Exclusion • Strike Use Group Exclusions • Strike the June 15 Application Deadline • Make the 2015 Rent Milestones & Unit Size permanent • Update the Coverage eligibility period to 2015-2017