Loft Tenant Hurricane Sandy Relief Aid

NYC Loft Tenants is organizing a Sandy Relief Aid aimed at utilizing Loft Tenants’ build out skills! We’re looking for people with tools who can help with drywall / spackling / painting or any able bodies who can assist with minor construction / demolition work. Relief work will start this week in the studios & galleries of Red Hook and continue out to the Rockaways. Continue reading

Sandy Donation Drive – Update

Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez and NYCLT invite you to join Hurricane Sandy Relief. We are collecting canned goods, blankets, school supplies and socks to take to Far Rockaway for the hurricane relief effort. Please donate if you can.

*UPDATED* Drop off Date:
Thursday, November 15th
67 Manhattan Avenue (btwn McKibbin St and Seigel St). Near: (J) (M) Lorimer, (G) Broadway or (M) Montrose stop. Contact Brianna Paolicceli at 908-763-4001 to volunteer or just come by at the above dates to drop off any relief goods. Thank you!


Welcome to the NYC Loft Tenants web site.

We will bring you important news and information about the New York City Loft Law and how it helps tenants.

The new Loft Law passed in June 2010 by the New York State Legislature was designed to provide tenants of loft buildings some rent security and a path to legalization of their spaces. The process required to get this legal and rent-protected status is complicated and the regulations governing that process took until September 2013 to complete.

While it is intended to help as many loft tenants as possible, the Loft Law is an imperfect piece of legislation, and tenants need to know more about the process in order to decide whether coverage is right for them.

Our goal is to help artists and live/work residents, and people who love living in converted spaces, to stay in them.  We designed this site to help you start learning about the Loft Law.