This website is a project of the New York City Loft Tenants coalition (NYCLT).

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      Reach hundreds of experienced Loft Law tenants and advocates.
    • Visit a NYCLT Loft Law Housing Clinic
      Every first and third Monday of the month; casual, one-on-one atmosphere bring your questions and speak to an experienced volunteer.
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    • Heather, Housing Clinic/Tenant/Organizer

Contact the NYC Loft Board or call (212) 566-5663
Write a letter to the Loft Board regarding any of the rules in progress. Address it to:

Mention that you want your letter distributed to the rest of the Board.


There is a lot more information we need to cover in this site, and many events to report on. If you’re a tenant and know something about the loft law, or if you work with loft tenants, please join us!