Housing Clinic

There are no Housing Clinics scheduled at this time.

What can you do to get help?

Join the NYCLT Google Group to connect with a city-wide community of loft tenants online.

Email info@nyclttenants.org to contact a small group of NYCLT volunteers.

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NYCLT’s housing clinic was a volunteer event where tenants discussed their Loft Law cases with experienced peers (tenants) and professionals. At least once a month NYCLT arranged to bring a Loft Law professional to the clinic to answer tenant questions and explain the legalization process. These NYCLT volunteers can now be reached via the Google Group or info@.


Previous Guest Speakers:
Arthur Atlas (architect)
Michael Kozek (lawyer)
Seth Miller (lawyer)
Bob Petrucci (lawyer)
Margaret Sandercock (lawyer 212 509-0440)
David Ratner (lawyer 212 437-9110)
Robert Tan (architect)
David Frazer (lawyer)

You can also join the NYCLT Google Group and get your questions answered anytime online!