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Loft tenants need support and representation. Support our efforts to offer outreach and advocacy, the Housing Clinic, our website, newsletter and more.

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NYCLT volunteers offer many services. The public can join our google group ( to get Loft Law answers online, visit our Housing Clinic for free one-on-one counseling, and subscribe to our Mailing List for news about the latest Loft Law developments.

Volunteers canvas neighborhoods, going door to door to spread the word, setup informative community teach-ins, help buildings setup tenant associations, meet with peer organizations, government agencies and politicians to build support, travel to Albany to amend the 2010 Loft Law, research solutions for applicants, provide informative how-tos and develop educational material.

NYCLT builds off of the successes of earlier Loft Law tenant organizations like Lower Manhattan Loft Tenants and Brooklyn Loft Tenants. While NYCLT was formed to support 2010 and 2013 Loft Law applicants it is a resource for all IMD units (281.1, 281.2, 281.3 and 281.4) still going through the legalization process.

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