Please Note: this map was a tenant volunteer project in 2012. NYCLT does not keep this map up-to-date. Here is the last, publicly posted, Loft Board list of IMD buildings (as of Nov 19, 2015), which is obviously not the most recent information either.

You can learn more about how to Research your Building here.

Full-page version of map

Updated Apr 20, 2012 from the Loft Board’s latest list: 13 new IMDs in Brooklyn and Queens.  The Loft Board does not release a list of buildings that have applied but have not yet been covered.  If you do not see yourself here, contact us!

What do you see?   All the action is in North Brooklyn.  Two reasons: Manhattan has too many IMDs from the old Loft Law to be included on this map, and HARDLY ANYONE knows about the Loft Law outside of Manhattan and North Brooklyn.