No Work

Update: as of January 2013 the Loft Board has determined the “No Work” rule could be exploited by unscrupulous landlords. The Loft Board has decided to amend this rule to require even “No Work” buildings go through the Narrative Statement Process. This will allows tenants to weigh in on the state of their building and space out the milestone rent increases. – We commend the Loft Board for listening to the community and architects in making this fine decision.

=========== “No Work” as it was originally designed::

This is a rule being considered by the Loft Board. It would allow an owner to certify that his/her building is already up to code and no work needs to be done to improve the building. If approved, that owner would avoid the Narrative Statement process and go straight to getting a residential Certificate of Occupancy. The 6/8/6 rent increases would kick in immediately.

If you see any work being done in your building that is

  • not regular maintenance and
  • being done without a DOB permit

you should be suspicious that your landlord is trying to quickly patch your building together to pass DOB inspections so he can take advantage of the No Work application.

DOB permits must be posted outside your building. If you aren’t sure if there is a valid permit for work being done, call 311. Tell them that work is being done and you don’t see a permit. A DOB inspector will be sent out to investigate. Or you can use the DOB website to research your building by address.