NYCLT needs your help!

SIGNUPSupport NYCLT and the loft tenant community. These are some things we’re looking for but we’d like to hear your ideas too.

  • you can donate $20 right now
  • find out who your representatives are in the State Senate, State Assembly and City Council. Send them a letter telling them who you are and where you live, tell them why it’s important to you to fix the Loft Law.
  • Sign up to volunteer*
    • Help fundraise. Organize an event.
    • Help with Press. Research and contact pro-tenant writers.
    • Help advocate. Meet with your local representatives with other volunteers, go to Albany, become a point-of-contact person for your representatives.

*Some things you can do: share your story with your local representative; help us design and distribute flyers, posters, social graphics; produce a quick video explaining what the Loft Law is; collaborate with us to make information we can leave behind at meetings; connect us with like-minded organizations; contact pro-tenant press; meet with representatives and city agents with other loft tenants; go to Albany.

What can you do to help?

Politicianscontact us for more information or download our brief


Legal stuff: NYCLT needs to approve all messages and art for any print or web designs with our name. We’re happy to give you credit and even a link to your website/contact info if you donate imagery. We’ll try to include any creative credit as supplied and expect submissions to include the right licensing, ie: don’t use a photo found online without first confirming it’s licensed for Creative Commons or getting written permission from the photographer. Any creative submissions will belong entirely to NYCLT to post online, print and broadcast in perpetuity unless specified otherwise in advance in writing. Everything listed here is completely voluntary and unpaid. NYCLT is not responsible for a volunteer’s property, health or safety. Please outreach responsibly, observe rules about posting notices, and speak to the community with courtesy! THANK YOU!!